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Parambikulam Tourist Attractions

Parambikulam Wild Life Sanctuary

Parambikulam Dam

parambikulam dam

The parambikulam Dam and the area around it located in the parambikulam sanctuary offers a wide variety of options such as Dam visits, lake cruises and Jungle safaris.. Animals such as Crocodiles,otters, Elephants, Wild boars and deers can also be spotted around the area.


Lake Thoonakkadavu

Thoonakkadavu is the beautiful lake formed by the parambikulam dam. The whole sight of the lake with its crystal clear water surrounded by lush green forests with otters playing along the banks will be very soothing. In fact it would be so beautiful and inviting that you may think about going for a swim in it. But it is inhibited with a number of crocodiles who quite surely will not be playing the role of friendly hosts if you decided to take the dip. But don’t lose heart for you can explore the beauty of the lake by taking boat cruises. A jungle Jeep must be hired in order to access this remotely situated lake.

The World's Largest Teak Tree

parambikulam teak tree


Kanniamra the world’s largest teak tree with an astounding girth of 6.48 m and a towering height of 48.75 m is another treat this area offers. Tree is belived to be 400 years old.Legend goes that when a tribal chief tried to cut the tree it spurted out blood and hence the tree became an idol of worship among the tribes with the name Kannimara meaning ‘Virigin Tree”.

Boat Cruises and watch Towers

parambikulam watch towers

Take soothing boat cruises along the Parambikulam Lake. (No swims please if you value your life because the crocodiles definitely would not). Climb up the Annaipadi and Chungam watchtowers and have a bird’s eye view of the lush Greenery of the Scenario.


Trekking in Parambikulam is an immensely enjoyable Affair. You Must take a trip to be acquainted with VIPs like Elephant Gangs, Gaur herds, Malabar Squirrels, Nilgiri Langur, a Variety of snakes and birds….Mind you , they are very anti-autograph .So no point in getting closer to them




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